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Contributions in Aid of Construction

Refundable Contributions

Where it is necessary to extend existing overhead lines to provide service to Customers, CUC will extend its lines along any public roadway up to one thousand (1000) feet, free of charge. For line extensions greater than one thousand feet, the Customer or developer will be required to meet the full cost of construction beyond such distance. Such contributions in aid of construction are refundable in whole or part as additional Customers are connected to the same line extension.

The amount of the refund per additional Customer depends on the number of years that have elapsed since the construction. After seven years, there are no further rebates. Please contact CUC's Customer Service Department for additional information on rebates.

Non-refundable Contributions

A contribution will normally be required when a developer or Customer requires CUC to place its high voltage power lines underground and install pad mounted transformers. Such contributions are non-refundable. However, in cases where a Customer or developer requires a large three phase service and CUC determines that the use of a pad mounted transformer is practical a contribution will not be required. In addition, contributions may be required for the provision of small three phase services, non-standard service voltages, additional poles, temporary services and for work to correct non-compliance with CUC's requirements for service connection. These contributions are non-refundable.