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Emergency Tree Trimming : Windsor Park and Hutland Road

February 18, 2021          March 31, 2021

Between February 23 and March 31, CUC’s sub-contractors, UMC and PSCL, will be conducting aggressive tree trimming between 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. in the Windsor Park area in George Town and on Farm Road in East End

Due to excessive growth, the trees and vegetation in these areas have become an imminent safety hazard to power lines and must be trimmed back immediately. It is necessary to ensure that trees do not obstruct or interfere with power lines or constitute an unacceptable source of danger.

Motorists are asked to exercise caution when driving in Windsor Park and on Farm Road as there will be temporary lane blockages and traffic management in place.

Landowners are reminded that is their responsibility to maintain the trees and vegetation away from power lines on their properties. Subsequent tree trimming by CUC will incur a cost and this cost will be charged to the landowners.

For more information, contact CUC’s Customer Service Team at 949-5200 or e-mail