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Safety Is No Accident


CUC understands the need for its customers to carry out electrical repairs around their homes and would like to offer the following safety tips and guidelines.
  1. Always switch off breakers or unplug appliances being repaired.
  2. Electrical tape and connectors must be used to properly insulate wires.
  3. Never make repairs to weather heads unless disconnected by CUC.
  4. CUC's wires are 17 feet above ground. Always check the height of any equipment you may be transporting.
  5. Never pick fruit from trees with wires passing through them. Call CUC for possible rerouting of lines or trimming of trees.
  6. Never fly kites near lines. Should the kite make contact with lines, do not attempt to pull it free and contact CUC immediately.
  7. Always check for correct voltage to equipment before energizing.
  8. Crane and backhoe operators should always be alert when working in close proximity of low, overhead wires or guy wires (pole stabilisers). When planning to work close to power lines, contractors MUST contact CUC's Customer Service Team to obtain permission. For further information, visit our "Safety around Power Lines" page
  9. Avoid leaving extension cords outside for long periods. Never overload cords beyond rating.
  10. If ever in doubt regarding electrical wires or appliances, call an Electrician first.


For further information, please contact our Customer Service Team at 949-5200 or via e-mail at


For electrical emergencies, call 911. Emergency services will then contact CUC.