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Customer Assistance Programme:

On November 1, 2020, following the relaxaton of restrictions, we reverted to our usual offering of a three-month payment plan period.

Information on the payment plans can be found here.

We are here to assist you!


Disconnection Schedule:

The following is the disconnection schedule for August 2021:

+ Thursday, August 12: Customers with Meters starting with A09S and A16S

+ Thursday, August 12: Cycles 98-04, 98-05 and 98-09

+ Friday, August 13: Cycle 98-03

+ Monday, August 16: Cycle 98-07

+ Tuesday, August 17: Cycle 98-02

+ Wednesday, August 18: Cycle 98-01


To familiarise yourself with your electricity service cycle, refer to the top right hand corner of your bill under the "Amount Due:".