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Customer Assistance Programme:

CUC wants to assist our customers with keeping their electricity on. To mitigate the impact of COVID-19, we are offering extended Payment Plans to qualifying customers.

If you are experiencing problems with paying your bills, you have the power to avoid being disconnected.

Payment Plans are available for residential and commercial customers and information on the plans can be found here.

We are here to assist you!


Disconnection Schedule:

The following is the disconnection schedule for September 2020:

+ Monday, September 14: Cycles 01-2, 41-2, 82-2, 83-2 and 98-3

+ Monday, September 14: Customers with A09S and A16S meters

+ Wednesday, September 16: Cycle 98-7

+ Friday, September 18: Cycles 98-4, 98-5 and 98-6

+ Monday, September 21: Cycles 98-1 and 98-2

+ Wednesday, September 23: Cycles 98-9, 98-10 and 98-11

To familiarise yourself with your electricity service cycle, refer to the top right hand corner of your bill under the "Amount Due:". 


For information on the assistance CUC is offering customers, please review the flyer below: