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CUC's Role:


Since 2005, CUC has proudly sponsored the popular Primary Football League (PFL). The Company’s financial commitment towards the development of the league involves assisting with the organisation, officiating, certifying of officials (through the Cayman Islands Football Association), supplying of uniforms and balls to the teams, uniforms and officiating equipment for referees including whistles, cards and flags, preparation of fields, advertising and press releases and trophies. There are currently 18 schools participating in the PFL with over 500 players.

CUC has worked closely with the Department of Educational Services to ensure that all participating schools in the PFL are provided with uniforms, balls and other equipment. A number of CUC employees assist with officiating games as well as coaching. We have also solicited the assistance of Progressive Distributors for the supply of Gatorade to all schools for the entire season. The 2015/2016 season marks Progressive’s ninth year of involvement with the PFL.

Other notable contributors to the League over the years include Le Bleu who supplied water to all participating schools for three years. In 2009, Watler & Hislop graciously donated pipes for the construction of goals for the Old Man Bay and Donovan Rankine Fields in North Side and East End respectively. In 2011, Hydes & Sons donated two aluminum goals that are used for regular season games and the PFL Playoffs at the Annex Field.

Additionally, in an effort to increase the awareness and importance of school pride, we have encouraged many ex-footballers and small business owners with ties to various schools, to “give back” to this youth football competition in the form of sponsorship of t-shirts and other items.

In 2014, the Company decided to sponsor the Girls' Primary Football League (GPFL) and move the games to Saturday mornings. Previously, the GPFL was played during the week at various venues around the Island.

Parents and supporters alike have made the CUC PFL and GPFL the most entertaining youth football leagues to watch on the Island.


2016/2017 GPFL Playoffs

2016/2017 GPFL Standings

Group A : Final Standings
Group APlayedWonDrewLostGFGAPoints
Sir John A. Cumber 'A'53207011
St. Ignatius Prep53117210
Cayman Int'l School5230859
Savannah Primary5212357
Prospect Primary 'GA'50234112
George Town Primary5014291
Group B : Final Standings
Group BPlayedWonDrewLostGFGAPoints
Triple C440013012
Cayman Prep4301949
Sir John A. Cumber 'B'4202746
Prospect Primary 'GB'4102483
Bodden Town Primary40040140

2016/2017 PFL Standings

Under 9 : Group A (Final Standings)
Group APlayedWonDrewLostGFGAPoints
St. Ignatius Prep550020115
Cayman Int'l School540116312
Sir John A. Cumber53028119
Cayman Prep 'B'51133134
George Town50231102
Savannah Primary50141111
Under 11 : Group A (Final Standings)
Group APlayedWonDrewLostGFGAPoints
Sir John A. Cumber642015414
St. Ignatius Prep641115613
Savannah Primary64119513
Cayman Int'l School640214412
Truth For Youth61054143
George Town61054153
Prospect Primary 'B'61055183
Under 9 : Group B (Final Standings)
Group BPlayedWonDrewLostGFGAPoints
Cayman Prep 'A'660023118
Triple C650117915
South Sound63031599
Red Bay Primary62048126
Bodden Town61144124
Prospect Primary61056163
Under 11 : Group B (Final Standings)
Group BPlayedWonDrewLostGFGAPoints
Cayman Prep660022218
Prospect Primary 'A'632112711
Triple C631210710
Red Bay Primary6123395
Bodden Town60334113
South Sound60241152

2016/2017 PFL Weekly Scores

2016/2017 GPFL Weekly Scores