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If you’re working near power lines, you need to plan ahead.

Without the right precautions, not only do you risk electrocution, but you could damage the power network resulting in outages and potential financial liability. Power manages both overhead and underground powerlines. If you're in construction or working with machinery, you need to know about where the power lines are.


Look up and Live:

Above ground power lines may seem obvious, but, when your mind’s on the job, they're easy to miss.

Potentially dangerous situations include painting your house, moving a boat with a mast, trimming trees or pruning trees, operating mobile cranes or machinery near power lines, or using scaffolding.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, the message is simple: look up and live.

It’s your responsibility to ensure all structures and vehicles remain clear of lines at or over your property.


Dial before you Dig:

If you’re digging, for whatever reason, you need to know what's underneath you. You could hit an electrical cable risking your safety or someone else's. You could interrupt power to other people and be financially liable for damages.

You can avoid these problems with a single phone call to our Customer Service Team at 949-5200 or via e-mail at to get information about what may be underground outside properties or on easements.



Persons wishing to work near CUC's power lines must receive permission from the Company to carry out these works.

The form below must be completed and submitted to the Customer Service Department via e-mail at and permission must be granted BEFORE work can begin.