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The Customer Share Purchase Plan (CSPP) was launched in January 1995 and provides an opportunity for customers resident in Grand Cayman to invest in CUC.

Cash and cheque payments are not accepted. Customers must present bank drafts payable to "Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd." (not CUC) of not less than CI$25 (US$30) per purchase and up to a total of CI$12,000 (US$14,400) per calendar year for the purchase of Class A Ordinary Shares.

Quarterly cash dividends paid on the shares under the CSPP are reinvested in additional Class A Ordinary Shares.

Before becoming a member of our Plan, CUC's Registrar and Transfer Agents, TSX Trust Company, based in Toronto, require that new investors visit McGrath Tonner, 5th Floor Genesis Building, Genesis Close, George Town, Grand Cayman or contact (345) 949-2740 and obtain an official identification card before completing the enrollment form.

CUC also reminds enrollees that if there are two or more names appearing on your electricity bill as recipients of the bill, all persons named on the bill must obtain an identification card and sign the CSPP enrollment form.

For further details on the CSPP and access to the various forms, click here.