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CUC's Tree Trimming Programme is aimed at keeping over 400 miles of transmission and distribution lines clear of trees and undergrowth. Through our focus on effective vegetation management, which includes periodic inspection of power lines and information from customers, we can identify trees that are growing too close to power lines and thus, cause concern for public safety and reliability.  


While we have a legal right to remove or trim any trees or shrubs located near power lines (The Electricity Law, Section 22 (1), we prefer to work with our customers in preserving as much of the Island’s natural foliage as possible.

For more information on Tree Trimming and how CUC can assist, please review the PDF below.




Customers needing assistance with the trimming of trees, please complete the line clearance request below and click “Submit”.  A representative from CUC will be in contact with you once the information has been processed.