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Safety is CUC’s number one priority. This commitment is reflected in CUC’s Mission Statement, and again, by listing safety as one of the Company's values. Furthermore, CUC’s commitment to safety has lead the Company to implement a Safety Management System, which is ISO 45001 compliant. CUC empowers all employees and customers to report hazards, and concerns, as it believes everyone is entitled to a safe and hazard free work environment.

In keeping with CUC’s commitment to safety, the Company hosts an annual Contractors Workshop. During this event, representatives from other businesses are invited to learn more about CUC’s latest operating practices while gathering information from industry experts. Past Contractors Workshops have included sessions on PPE (personal protective equipment), fall protection, hearing conservation, CUC’s limits of approach to energised equipment, traffic management and more. Click here to review a copy of the Company's Contractors Safety Handbook (June 2018).

CUC also hosts an annual First Responder Training. This specialised training session provides all of Cayman’s first responders, such as medics, police and fire services with life saving information when working around energized equipment and downed powerlines. If you are a first responder and would like to attend this training, please send us an e-mail.

Finally, CUC has an Emergency Preparedness Committee. This Committee, which is the longest standing committee in the Company, oversees the Company's disaster readiness, including hurricane preparedness. Please click on the "Disaster Preparedness" tab under this section for more information about our Company’s contingency planning, hurricane preparedness and generator safety tips.

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