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CUC provides Forms for various services like "Electrical Service, Security Lighting, Customer Directive, Direct Debit, Billing Rates etc".


Service Requests

CUC recommends that customers contact the Customer Service Department in the planning stages of any residential or commercial building.


My Electric Bill

You may access your account information online at any time. To know about the Biiling Rates click here.


Power Specs

CUC supplies electricity throughout Grand Cayman as alternating current (AC) at a frequency of 60Hz, and either single phase or three phase at a standard voltage.


Customer Bulletins

Click here to find the latest customer bulletins and information on new services offered by our Customer Service Department.


Service Interruptions

CUC has a 24-hour Fault Reporting Number for customers to report and obtain outage information. The number is   and features a computerised telephone system capable of handling 16 calls simultaneously, 24 hours a day. Click here to report a power outage.


Contact Customer Service

CUC's Customer Service Department can be contacted at


Tree Trimming

CUC's Tree Trimming Programme is aimed at keeping over 400 miles of transmission and distribution lines clear of trees and undergrowth. Through our focus on effective vegetation management, which includes periodic inspection of power lines and information from customers, we can identify trees that are growing too close to power lines and thus, cause concern for public safety and reliability.


Safety Tips

CUC understands the need for its customers to carry out electrical repairs around their homes and would like to offer the following safety tips and guidelines.


Customer Share Purchase Plan

The Customer Share Purchase Plan (CSPP) was launched in January 1995 and provides an opportunity for customers resident in Grand Cayman to invest in CUC.


Disaster Preparedness

The Cayman Islands are located in what is known as the "hurricane belt" of the Caribbean region, and while the last hurricane to directly strike us was Hurricane Ivan in 2004, we must be ready should another storm come our way.



You may click here to find answers to frequently asked questions.


Demand Rates

Effective January 1, 2018, all Large Commercial Customers and all customer classes with Distributed Energy Resources (DER) will be billed utilizing demand rates - details within.