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Applications for Service


New Installations

CUC recommends that the Customer contact the Customer Service Department in the planning stages of any residential or commercial building to:
  1. Identify the nearest suitable CUC facility from which the premises may be served and subsequently locate the service point of attachment to the building;
  2. Determine whether CUC's facilities in that area are adequate, and if not arrange for any necessary system upgrade, and
  3. Determine if a contribution will be required.


If a contribution is required, the prospective Customer will be advised in writing. CUC will commence construction as soon as possible following the payment of such contribution.

Before a final service agreement can be made between the Customer and CUC for the connection of the service, CUC must be in possession of a certificate of inspection issued by the Government Electrical Inspector which approves the electrical installation within the premises to be served.


Please note that the applicant is required to visit CUC's Customer Service Department in person in order to:
  1. Pay the deposit appropriate to the premises where the service is required, and
  2. Sign a contract agreeing to take electricity service on the Terms of Service referred to herein.


Existing Installations (Reconnections)

When a Customer's service has been disconnected for a continuous period of less than six (6) months, an application may be made for reconnection without a Government Electrical Inspector's Certificate. In this case, the applicant is only required to pay the appropriate security deposit and sign a contract agreeing to the terms of service referred to herein.

If the relevant service has been disconnected for a period of six (6) months or more, the applicant must engage a licensed electrician to inspect the electrical installation and arrange for inspection by the Government Electrical Inspector. Once the certificate has been delivered to CUC, the applicant may proceed with paying the security deposit and signing the contract referred to above.


Temporary Service

During building or other construction, or for special social functions, a temporary supply of electricity is often required to operate power tools, and other equipment. Application for temporary service is made in the same way as for New Installations, except that Government Inspector's certificate is issued for a limited period of time (usually three (3) months).

In respect of temporary service applications, the applicant must pay in advance the installation cost and security deposit. Please contact CUC's Customer Service Department for the current schedule of these amounts. When the temporary service is no longer needed, the security deposit is refundable. Alternatively, it may be off set against the security deposit for permanent service.


Extension to Existing Service

Any extension to an existing wiring installation must be approved by the Government Electrical Inspector, who will inform CUC in the same manner as done in respect of New Installations.


Change to New Address

When relocating to a new address in Grand Cayman, CUC's Customers are required to comply with the following procedures:
  1. Advise CUC's Customer Service Department in writing of the day and time you wish CUC to discontinue service at the premises you are vacating. A minimum of two (2) working days prior written notification is required. Provided adequate notice is given, CUC will read the meter on the date the Customer vacates. At that time, the service will be disconnected, unless prior arrangements have been made by the incoming occupier. Once the meter has been read, the Customer will not be charged for any further electricity consumption at the vacated premises. However, the Customer will be billed for the consumption up to the time the service was terminated.
  2. Before another account may be opened for a new location, the Customer's old account must be settled in full including payment for the consumption up to the time of termination.
  3. Provided the account for the vacated premises has been fully paid up, the deposit that the Customer has already paid may be transferred to the new account. However, the amount must conform with the schedule of deposits. If the amount does not conform, then the difference must be paid or refunded, as applicable.
  4. The Customer must ensure that the premises being moved into comply with the Government Electrical Inspector's requirements for occupancy.


Terminating An Electricity Account

If a Customer wants to close an electricity account permanently, the Customer must advise CUC's Customer Service Department in writing of the required date and time of service termination. CUC will then read the meter as close to that time as possible and disconnect (unless appropriate arrangements have been made by the incoming occupier). The Customer's bill, including any arrears, must be fully paid up to the time of the last meter reading. Upon such payment, the deposit held by CUC for the account will then be refunded. The Customer may pay only the difference between the deposit and the amount outstanding. If the deposit amount is greater than the billed amount, CUC will make a net refund.


Maintaining An Electricity Account During Extended Absences

If the Customer is leaving the Island for a period longer than seven days, CUC recommends that an advance payment be made at our Cash Office (or through the mail).